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Finishing up

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Getting ready to end your assignment 

It is important to start getting ready for the end of your assignment well before it finishes. Below are some of the steps you need to consider when preparing for the end of your assignment. The steps may vary depending if your assignment ends with an in-country or remote phase. 

Finishing the in-country phase

You will receive an email four-to-six weeks before the end of the in-country phase to guide your activities as you prepare for the journey home. This content may be slightly different if you are transitioning from an in-country phase to a remote phase or if you are finishing your assignment.  

  • Preparing to return home can include: 
    • Obtaining a local police check 
    • Requesting references from your partner organisation 
    • Completing an end of assignment evaluation and exit interview 

Welcome home!

Even if you are continuing your assignment by transitioning from in-country to remote phases, adjusting back to Australia can be challenging. We offer transition support once you've arrived home.

End of assignment support includes online learning and attending a Post Assignment Workshop in Australia or online. This is an opportunity to meet and share your experience with other volunteers and learn strategies for adjusting to life after assignment.

The program also provides access to a post assignment medical assessment (available up to 10 weeks post assignment) and a psychological debrief (available up to three months post assignment).

Join our alumni

All volunteers who have completed their assignment have the opportunity to join the program's Alumni to connect with other former volunteers and stay engaged with the Australian Volunteers Program. See the Alumni page for more information.

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Finishing up

Start preparing for what comes next