The hybrid volunteering journey

From applying for a role to what each phase of your assignment will entail. Learn more about the hybrid volunteering journey.

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Before you start your assignment

Everything you need to do to prepare for your assignment

Onboarding activities

There are several time-sensitive activities to complete before you start your assignment. The timing of the activities can vary depending on whether your assignment starts remotely or in-country. Some tasks may need to be completed after your assignment has started.

Please note that preparing to go on the in-country phase of your assignment can take up to 12 weeks and is often reliant upon medical clearance and obtaining visas. Your volunteer portal will guide you through the process.

Update personal details

  • Enter your bank account details. This is used to pay allowances and reimburse any eligible expenses.
  • Ensure that all personal information is correct, especially if you have volunteered before.
  • Enter details of your nearest airport into your online portal. This will be used to book flights to the pre-departure briefing, if required, and to your assignment country.

Complete pre-assignment learning

We are committed to the learning and development of our volunteers. Before departing, the program provides an interactive online learning course and a pre-departure briefing to prepare you for your time volunteering remotely and in-country. A range of online resources are also available and accessible throughout your assignment.

  • The online learning must be completed within a four-week period prior to attending the pre-departure briefing. Completion of this foundation course is a requirement for participation in the pre-departure briefing, where concepts will be further explored and applied to interactive scenarios.
  • A three-day pre-departure briefing is delivered in Melbourne. The program supports travel arrangements for participants who reside within Australia, learn more.
  • Completion of learning (online courses and briefing) is mandatory before the start of your hybrid assignment.

Learn more about support available

There are many ways Australian volunteers are supported throughout their volunteer journey. Find out how we support volunteers before, during and after.

Obtain medical clearance

Obtain your medical clearance as soon as you are advised to do so as the clearance is often required to submit your visa application.

  • Requirements and time frames to complete this stage will depend on your individual circumstances and specific assignment timeline.
  • Your Onboarding Coordinator will guide you through the steps required.

Obtain entry visa

Take time to learn about specific visa requirements. Our Onboarding Coordinator will support you through the process of obtaining your visa. Visa processing times will vary depending on the country of application and can change at any time.

  • Gather appropriate supporting documentation and work with your Onboarding Coordinator on the application process promptly to avoid delay.
  • The program covers the cost of appropriate visas for volunteers and Approved Accompanying Dependants.

Reimbursements and regular allowances

You are eligible for reimbursements and allowances, based on the phase of your assignment.

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Confirmation letter and travel to assignment

  • The last step is to view your Assignment Confirmation Letter and accept the assignment via the volunteer portal.
  • The program organises and covers the cost of return flights from Australia for volunteers and Approved Accompanying Dependants.
  • Please note flights cannot be booked until all the above steps have been completed.

Other things to consider at this stage

  • Consider the obligations you need to take care of before you leave, such as packing up your house, identifying who will take care of pets, where you will store your belongings, and ensuring your financial obligations can be met while you are away.
  • Think about what to pack for the assignment. To read more about baggage policies visit the Volunteer Guidebook.
  • Start to plan how you will take care of yourself while on assignment. This includes how you will manage your health, safety, and risk profile.
  • Most importantly, please be patient and flexible because this stage can take some time.

Preparing for the in-country phase of your assignment

For more information on each step, review Section 3 of the Volunteer Guidebook

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