Why hybrid volunteering

Hybrid volunteering combines our in-country and remote volunteering modalities to provide flexible support to our partners.

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Your skills are needed

The Australian Volunteers Program’s hybrid volunteering initiative partners volunteers with organisations across the Pacific, Asia, and Africa to help them achieve their development goals.

Hybrid assignments are tailored to fit the needs of our partner organisations, and directly respond to the needs and capacity of their staff. Volunteers complete both in-country and remote phases within one hybrid assignment. The length and order of each of these phases varies and are provided in individual assignment descriptions.

Both volunteers and partner organisations receive training, support from dedicated teams in each country, and appropriate allowances for each phase of their assignment.

New experiences, friendships and skills

Personal and professional growth are important aspects of the volunteer experience. We foster a culture of learning and reflection through formal training, briefings, and monitoring and evaluation activities throughout your assignment. Volunteering can also be a great way to boost your career or to share your skills as you finish your formal career.

In both phases of your assignment, you will learn about your new country, colleagues, and culture. These experiences will give you a deeper understanding of how to work across cultures both online and in person, and will allow you to build strong relationships with your colleagues. 

What volunteers say

People of all ages, backgrounds and abilities have told us what drew them to hybrid volunteering:

  • A unique opportunity to experience both remote and in-country volunteering
  • Can be suitable to volunteers who can’t commit to long periods overseas but still allow for long-term project work
  • A way to connect with colleagues both online and in person
  • A chance to share skills in the international development field
  • The opportunity to be involved in meaningful work

To apply your skills and unique experiences, and make a significant contribution to communities overseas, browse our current assignments. If you can’t find the perfect assignment right now, register for our Talent Pool.

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Understand the volunteer journey

Find out about the journey our hybrid volunteers take, from application to alumni.

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