Welcome to the Australian Volunteers Program, an initiative of the Australian Government providing opportunities to contribute to aid objectives through volunteering. 


New website coming soon

Designed to make finding assignments and moving through the volunteer journey easier, our new website is coming soon. Until then, you can still browse and apply for assignments as usual.


As an Australian volunteer...

You'll contribute to lasting change

Volunteers work with organisations overseas who are driving their own change.

You'll enhance their efforts to reduce poverty and improve livelihoods. The impacts are often realised long after you've gone. You'll also discover how volunteering will help enhance your career.

You'll support the objectives of the Australian aid program

Whether it is strengthening governance, empowering women or improving health or education outcomes your efforts will support host organisations to deliver effective and sustainable development objectives.

You'll gain valuable career experience

International experience is highly desired by employers. By working overseas, you'll gain new and diversified skills and enhance your global literacy.

You'll be a part of history

Lifelong bonds are formed, world views are changed and you become a part of Australia's history of global diplomacy.