Diversity and inclusion

Learn more about our commitment to inclusion and what support is available.

A man and a woman are signing in ASL to two women on a computer screen on Zoom. The man has red hair and a thick red beard and the camera can see his face. The woman is facing away from the camera, looking at her colleague.

The Australian Volunteers Program is committed to ensuring that volunteers and partners can safely and equitably participate in the program, regardless of their identity.

Discover what that commitment means for volunteers and our partners, as well as what support is available. 

Statements of intent

The Australian Volunteers Program is committed to diversity and inclusion. As part of this commitment, we've developed the following Statements of Intent that outline our vision for:

  • fostering a safe and equitable environment for people with diverse sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, and sex characteristics. Download here.
  • ensuring gender equality and women's empowerment across the program. Download here.
  • valuing and promoting full participation of people with disabilities as volunteers, staff and partners. Download here.

These Statements of Intent are supported by a broader program of activities to produce real and tangible results.

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