Partnership with the Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI)

The Australian Volunteers Program is partnering with GGGI to promote sustainable economic development around the world.

Our strategic partnership with GGGI

The Australian Volunteers Program is proud of our partnership with GGGI. Together, we are co-designing projects that support Australian volunteers to share their skills and expertise with GGGI projects around the world.  

GGGI is a treaty-based inter-governmental organisation with a mission to support its member countries and regional organisations to transform their economies to a model of green growth that is both environmentally sustainable and socially inclusive. Part of this work involves supporting countries to meet their Nationally Determined Contributions to the Paris Agreement and achieve the implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

GGGI supports its partner governments to introduce new smart green solutions that open markets to innovative technologies that can achieve scale through private sector investments. GGGI’s work is centered around:

  • Catalysing and accelerating access to climate finance / green investments for public and private sectors
  • Strengthening policy planning, regulatory frameworks and institutional capacity to achieve green growth outcomes
  • Achieving a sustainable and circular bioeconomy while securing healthy natural systems
  • Making cities and communities sustainable, liveable, and resilient through creating green jobs, services and infrastructure
  • Accelerating progress in eradicating poverty and gender inequality

Sharing resources and expertise

Australian volunteers supporting GGGI are based within local and national government departments around the world. Volunteers can support GGGI projects in-country or remotely. Our collaborative projects can involve a group of volunteers working on a regional issue, or a single volunteer working directly with local stakeholders.

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Our Partnerships Team can support GGGI offices to access volunteer and resource support.

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Meet Jerome

Jerome helped to kickstart one of Cambodia’s solid waste programs during his time with GGGI as an Australian volunteer.

“I spent one and half years as an Australian volunteer with GGGI in Cambodia. I have spent close to two years  working with GGGI as a staff member and have had the opportunity to work on issues related to wastewater and solid waste management.”

Several Australian volunteers have supported GGGI’s work across the South East Asia region.

Australian volunteer Jerome on assignment with GGGI Cambodia
Australian volunteer Jerome on assignment with GGGI Cambodia
Australian volunteer Jerome and colleagues at a waste site in Cambodia
Australian volunteer Jerome and colleagues at a waste site in Cambodia