About Indigenous Pathways

Indigenous Pathways provides a flexible and culturally safe way for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to participate in international volunteering.

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Formally launched in 2021, Indigenous Pathways is an Indigenous-led component of the Australian Volunteers Program that aims to expand and strengthen Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander participation in international volunteering, by providing culturally safe, flexible and tailored support.

International volunteering is a life-changing opportunity to share your knowledge and skills and learn new perspectives while connecting with another culture. Assignments can range from one month to two years in duration and can be completed in-person or online. The program works with community, government, and not-for-profit organisations across a range of sectors, in countries across the Pacific, Asia, and Africa.

The approach we take

We are guided by a set of four core values, which directly influence how we work.

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A woman stands smiling and laughing in front of an Aboriginal flag, receving a gift from a man who is also smiling.

Indigenous Pathways works closely with in-country colleagues, particularly in the Pacific, to connect Indigenous people and organisations from Australia, with organisations and communities internationally, to collaborate on projects that are mutually beneficial and build meaningful relationships across cultures. Indigenous Pathways works carefully to ensure that projects are culturally appropriate, both from Indigenous Australian perspectives as well as Pacific perspectives.

Indigenous Pathways has also embedded Indigenous voices and leadership within formal structures of the program, with the establishment of the Indigenous Volunteer Support and Advisory Panel and appointment of three Indigenous panel members. This significant function provides ongoing advice, guidance and support to the program and current volunteers and alumni.

Our commitment to expanding opportunities for Indigenous Australians and connecting with community-controlled organisations extends to suppliers, with the majority of suppliers directly engaged for Indigenous Pathways activities, being Indigenous owned and operated businesses.

Our visual identity

The Indigenous Pathways art was created by Penny Evans, a mixed media artist of Gamilaraay / Gomeroi cultural heritage.

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A ceramic plate created by Penny Evans. The background is light blue, with maroon and white lines symbolising a river.

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