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A local Market featuring fruit, vegetables, meat and dairy products from the city of Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. The boxes are full of colorful fruit and vegetables.
The view of Thimphu from the top of a mountain in Bhutan.


Colourful boats floating on a lake, with a mountain in the background


A person weaving with colourful materials and smiling.


Two people working on beading together. One woman sits at the table, and the other stands next to her.


Two people smiling in front of their office.

Federated States of Micronesia

Lush, green rice fields in and palm trees


Aerial view of a bridge spanning the ocean in Kiribati, showcasing the stunning beauty of the country.


A busy street food market in Laos shows two people shopping for food


Scenic river winding through a mountainous valley.


A young man in a blue traditional Mongolian dress rides a light brown horse accompanied by two other darker brown horses.


A woman sits in a kitchen cooking food with flames around her pots. She is wearing a traditional Nepalese dress in blue with embroidery around the neck.


An overhead photo of small islands covered in trees in the sea


A mountain with rice paddies terraced down the side


A lady in a brightly coloured dress sits on an outrigger canoe on a beach with water behind her

Papua New Guinea

A man in a patterned green shirt sits smiling in front of a painted Republic of Marshall Island flag. It is light blue with a white star-like shape, with a slim orange and white stripe.

Republic of the Marshall Islands

Two people sit behind a large pile of bananas at a marketplace. They are in traditional Samoan clothing, one wears a bright yellow print and the other a light blue.


A busy port with crates and boats and a bright blue sea.

Solomon Islands

A landscape photo of Table Mountain in South Africa. The mountain has a large cityscape below it, and a bright blue sky above. The rock itself is a dark brown/red.

South Africa

A tuk tuk speeds through a city, the background is a blur

Sri Lanka

A series of buildings are below a ridge, behind them lays a long green landscape, with Kilimanjaro rising in the distance.


Two people are holding and looking at soil.


A group of people joyfully leaping into the water from a pier in Tonga, creating a big splash. One man is mid-jump above the water.


The flag of Tuvalu blows in the breeze against a blue sky. The flag is baby blue, with 9 gold stars across the body and the Union Jack in the upper right hand corner.


Two large houses with straw roofs are set between lush green palm trees.


A busy streetscape in Vietnam shows two people with bicycles carrying fruit.


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