Our approach

The approach we take is guided by a set of core values.

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Indigenous Pathways is guided by a set of values that form the basis of how we work with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, communities and organisations, as well as our overseas partners. All members of the Indigenous Pathways team and the Indigenous Volunteer Support and Advisory Panel are First Nations, and work to ensure that Indigenous Pathways and the wider Australian Volunteers Program adheres to these values.

Indigenous Pathways Values

Inclusive - Ensuring that the program is culturally aware, recognises the importance of community and family and appreciates the intersectionality that shapes contemporary Indigenous identities.

Equitable - Engaging the Indigenous community in a meaningful way and encouraging and supporting Indigenous volunteers with adequate support appropriate to their individual, social and cultural needs.

Flexible - Providing adaptable and reflexive approaches that meet the aspirations of Indigenous volunteers, build skills and experience in a variety of fields and meet the needs of communities in Australia and overseas.

Strength-based - Enabling Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to draw on their unique skills, expertise and experience and benefit from the people to people exchange of these skills with the global community.

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