Volunteering in Vanuatu

Vanuatu comprises 83 islands that span more than 1,000 kilometres of the Coral Sea.

Vanuatu is a South Pacific Ocean nation made up of 83 islands that stretch 1,300 kilometers. 

Vanuatu’s economic development is vulnerable as the region is often impacted by unpredictable weather events. In 2015, Cyclone Pam severely damaged 90 percent of buildings in Vanuatu. The country is working hard to ensure universal access to basic health services. 

The Australian Volunteers Program is guided by the Australian Government’s Aid Investment Plan for Vanuatu as well as retaining the flexibility to respond to emerging priorities. Volunteer assignments focus on a range of development issues, such as economic development, education, and health.

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Kal Sugden teammate Vanuatu
Australian volunteer paramedic clinical instructor Kallai Sugden with ProMedical paramedic George Jack.
Aerial photo of Port Vila.
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Port Vila, Vanuatu
Phillip Kampai and George Jacks are Paramedics with Pro Medical in Port Vila, Vanuatu.