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Register for the Talent Pool to help us match your skills and interests to the right volunteer assignment.

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Australians who are ready to share their skills and experience with partner organisations are invited to join our Talent Pool and sign up for our Assignment Alert newsletter.

Register for the Talent Pool to make a head start on your application and let our recruiters know you’re ready to volunteer. While there, you can record different assignment preferences, such as the countries you'd like to support, the length of the assignment, and whether you'd like to volunteer remotely, in-country, hybrid or are interested in all three!

We review applicants in the talent pool regularly. If it seems like you’re a good match for an upcoming assignment, we will get in touch, sometimes before the role is advertised more broadly.

How it works

  • Create an account in the Australian Volunteer Portal and then register for the Talent Pool, which includes submitting your resume and an online video.
  • Before advertising new assignments, our recruiters search the Talent Pool looking for suitable candidates with the right skills, qualifications and experience.
  • If a potential match is found, the candidate is invited to an interview with our recruiters and has an opportunity to hear more about the assignment and find out if they’re a good fit.

Candidates need to regularly update the portal to ensure our recruiters have the latest information.

The Talent Pool is for candidates interested in all of our modalities of volunteering. To find out more about remote, in-country, or hybrid volunteering, visit our FAQs.

Registering for the Talent Pool does not guarantee you a volunteer assignment.

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