The remote volunteering journey

An in-depth exploration of the steps involved in the remote volunteering journey.

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Before you start your assignment

Everything you need to do to prepare for your assignment

Pre-assignment activities for remote volunteers

Once you’ve been selected as the preferred candidate, there are several time-sensitive activities and compliance checks to complete before you can start your assignment (details will be available in your volunteer portal).

Within the portal, you'll be asked to enter personal information, like your bank details. This is used to pay allowances and reimburse any eligible expenses.

Complete pre-assignment learning

We are committed to the learning and development of our volunteers. The program provides a mandatory interactive online learning course and online workshop before you begin your assignment.

Learn more about the online workshop.

Accept your confirmation letter

Once the above steps are completed, the last step is to view your Assignment Confirmation Letter and accept the assignment via the volunteer portal.

Allowances for remote volunteering

Regular allowances are paid to you throughout your assignment

Learn more
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Other things to consider at this stage

  • Prepare your workstation and consider what tools you will need to keep in touch with your partner organisation.
  • Have patience and flexibility as this stage can take some time.

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