Why volunteer

International volunteering is an incredible experience. It's an opportunity to share your skills and make a tangible difference to communities around the world.

Your skills are needed!

Your technical skills and unique experiences can make a significant contribution to addressing development challenges in countries across the Indo-Pacific region. International volunteering gives you an opportunity to contribute meaningfully by supporting local organisations to achieve their development goals.

But you will probably find, as many of our volunteers do, that you gain just as much or even more than you contribute!

New experiences, friendships and skills

Personal and professional growth are important aspects of the volunteer experience. We foster a culture of learning and reflection through formal training, briefings, and monitoring and evaluation activities throughout your assignment. Volunteering can also be a great way to boost your career.

On assignment, you will learn about your new country, colleagues and culture. Along with language skills that you might gain, these experiences will give you a deeper understanding of how to work across cultures.

What volunteers say

People of all ages, backgrounds and abilities have told us why they became international volunteers:

~ to be involved in meaningful work

~ to experience different cultures, languages, challenges and perspectives

~ to get out of my comfort zone 

~ to share specialist knowledge and technical skills where they are needed

~ to gain experience working internationally