Remote volunteering

On assignment

Discover what happens on a remote assignment

Building a relationship with your partner organisation and in-country team is critical regardless of whether you're volunteering in-country or remotely.

Getting started and orientation

Your in-country team will invite you to join an online orientation program. This program may include language lessons.

Safety and security

Complete cybersecurity and working remotely checklists, which are aimed at helping keep you and your data safe online.

Monitoring, evaluation and learning

  • Prepare an initial Assignment Plan with your partner organisation to outline objectives and activities.
  • Conduct an End of Assignment Evaluation at the end of your assignment.

Learning and support

Access information and online resources as well as a learning hub for additional learning and collaboration opportunities.

Staying connected

Depending on the duration of your assignment, you may have the opportunity to participate in:

  • catch ups hosted by your in-country team
  • online webinars
  • Communities of Practice discussion forums

These are professional and personal development opportunities as well as a chance to network with other volunteers and partner organisations.

Travel and leave

You are not required to request leave from your partner organisation. However, it is important that you communicate to your partner organisation if and when you choose to take leave, or when you will be unavailable for your assignment. For breaks of more than a week, notify the country office.

Before you apply

Understand what will be expected of you during the remote volunteering application process.

How to apply

Learn how to approach your application

I've applied. What next?

Discover the next steps and indicative timelines once your application has been submitted

Before you start your assignment

Everything you need to do to prepare for your assignment

On assignment

Discover what happens on a remote assignment

Finishing up

Learn about wrapping up an assignment and what can come next