Remote volunteering

Finishing up

Learn about wrapping up an assignment and what can come next

Preparing for the end of your remote volunteer assignment is an important step for both you and your partner organisation. As you near the assignment end date, helpful tips around preparing to finish will be available through the volunteer portal.   

  • Consider how to manage the handover with your partner organisation and any documentation you need to prepare.
  • Request references from your partner organisation.  
  • Complete an end of assignment evaluation and exit interview.  


You may wish to complete an optional psychological debrief, a service which is available up to one month after your assignment end date.

Join our alumni 

All volunteers become a member of the program's alumni when they have completed their assignments. The alumni group provides opportunities to connect with other volunteers and stay engaged with the Australian Volunteers Program.

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Finishing up

Learn about wrapping up an assignment and what can come next