Hybrid volunteering - An innovative solution

New volunteering modality recognised in the Australian Financial Review's innovative awards.

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The Australian Volunteers Program’s new hybrid volunteer model, designed to make international volunteering more accessible to a broader audience, has been recognised in the Australian Financial Review’s innovation awards.

Under the program’s traditional volunteering model, volunteers live and work in countries across the Pacific, Asia and Africa for several months, building relationships and understanding the local context while undertaking their assignments. During COVID-19, remote volunteering was launched to support partner organisations while volunteers could not be physically overseas.

Designed to incorporate the strengths of our in-country and remote models, hybrid volunteering sees volunteers support our overseas partners by combining in-country and remote volunteering phases. By reducing the time required in-country, organisations and volunteers benefit from long-term working relationships, while also allowing volunteers to balance international volunteering with family, work and other commitments that prevent them from spending long periods overseas.

The model was developed following extensive consultation with partner organisations, volunteers and staff. Find out more about how we’re exploring alternative volunteering modalities through our Innovation Hub.

"Not everyone can pack up their life and move overseas for several months or years at a time. The introduction of a hybrid volunteering model diversifies the pool of Australians whose lives will be enriched through international volunteering whilst expanding the talent pool for our partner organisations."  - Anna Trahair, Innovation Hub Manager

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Hybrid assignments are tailored to fit the needs of our partner organisations, and directly respond to the needs and capacity of their staff.

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About Australian Financial Review’s Innovation awards

In addition to evaluating the problem-solving impact of a selected innovation, applicants were judged on how the innovation process was embedded into their organisation and their performance in an employee survey that assessed a range of innovation drivers.

The recognition of this innovation has resulted in Australian Volunteers International (AVI) being named one of Australia’s most innovative companies. AVI is the lead delivery partner of the Australian Government-funded Australian Volunteers Program and has been ranked 5th in the Government, Education and Not-for-Profit category in the 2023 AFR list of innovative companies.