Allowances and reimbursements for remote assignments

Modest allowances are provided to support your remote assignment.

Remote volunteers are eligible for a modest allowance to cover the anticipated costs associated with remote volunteering or the remote phase of their hybrid assignment. Payments are made monthly.

The program has calculated this allowance as an estimate of weekly expenses, taking into account costs such as internet, technology equipment, international phone calls and/or online conferencing facilities.

  • The full-time monthly allowance is AUD$131 
  • The part-time monthly allowance is AUD$79.

In addition to the payment of the remote volunteer allowance, remote volunteers will also be reimbursed for:

  • Australian Federal Police checks
  • International police checks
  • A language allowance of up to AUD$400. This can be used to cover costs associated with language classes, translation or interpretation services. This is paid as a reimbursement of costs, so keep all receipts!

Explore the full list of reimbursable expenses.

For more details, refer to the remote volunteering FAQs or the Allowance section of the Australian Volunteers Guidebook. If you are interested in hybrid volunteering, visit the in-country allowances and reimbursement page to learn more about that phase.