The in-country volunteering journey

From applying to arriving on assignment. Learn about the steps to get you in country and home again.

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Returning home

Home can seem different after an assignment; we offer support to help you settle back into life in Australia

Getting ready to return home

It is important to start getting ready for the end of your assignment well before time. Below are some of the steps you need to consider when preparing for the end of your in-country assignment.

You will receive a ‘preparing to return home’ email four to six weeks before the end of your assignment. This will guide your activities as you prepare for the journey home.

Preparing to return home includes:

  • Completing an end-of-assignment evaluation and exit interview
  • Obtaining a local police check
  • Requesting references from your partner organisation

Returning home can be challenging

Learn about services provided after your assignment ends in Section 10 of the Volunteer Guidebook.

Read the volunteer guidebook
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Welcome home!

We offer transition support once you've arrived home.

  • Complete a post-assignment medical assessment (available up to 10 weeks post-assignment)
  • Complete a psychological debrief (available up to three months post-assignment)
  • Return support includes an online learning module and an invitation to attend a Post-Assignment Workshop. This is an opportunity to meet and share your experience with other volunteers and learn strategies for adjusting to life after assignment.
Join our alumni network.

All volunteers become a member of program's Alumni when they have completed their assignment. The alumni network provides opportunities to connect with past volunteers and stay engaged with the Australian Volunteers Program.

Stay connected through the program's alumni network

Join a group of like-minded Australians who have volunteered in 50+ countries.

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