Safety and security on assignment

Stay safe while completing your assignment in-country.

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The Australian Volunteers Program has a duty of care to volunteers and approved accompanying dependents, and we take this duty of care seriously.

Volunteering overseas does come with its risks. Assignment locations are subject to natural hazards, health risks, crime, and other environmental factors that can affect volunteers.

The program provides extensive support to in-country volunteers, to assist you in mitigating risks to your personal security. In-country program staff support volunteers on an in-country assignment, and provide assistance with major personal, medical or security concerns. Understanding risks and planning for safe and secure accommodation and workplaces are important aspects of the local orientation process.

All approved program participants have access to the program’s 24/7 emergency assistance provider, International SOS, as well as the program's psycho-social support provider, Response Psychological Services. Prior to departure, you will be provided with details of how to contact International SOS and Response Psychological Services at any time during your assignment. All program participants are covered by a comprehensive travel insurance policy.

Your safety is also your responsibility. You can minimise risks to your own safety on assignment, by thoroughly researching your destination, being vigilant about your safety and aware of your environment, reporting incidents, and seeking support as needed.

In case of an emergency, the program reserves the right to evacuate Australian volunteers. Decisions about the evacuation of Australian volunteers in the event of war, unpredictable and violent political situations, pandemics, or natural disaster will be coordinated by the program with the Australian or other diplomatic missions in the host country.

To read more about safety and security while on assignment, please review the Safety and Security section of the Australian Volunteers Guidebook. More information about security risks in program locations can be found at

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