Feb RAVN Update intro

February 'RAVN Update' introduction from DFAT

There are exciting volunteering opportunities on offer in the coming months, and I encourage you to forward this newsletter to people you know who might be a good match for these specialist assignments, and are open to the rewards and challenges of becoming an Australian Volunteer.

There are a host of RAVN activities as well that will keep you connected with the volunteering community, the Australian Volunteers Program, and the Australian aid program more broadly.

We were pleased to see some returned volunteers at the Australian Aid: Friendship Grants workshop last week, and that they remain connected to Australia’s aid program.   

As a volunteer funded by the Australian aid program, you are part of an alumni of 15,000 people who, over the past 60 years, have contributed to the development of people, organisations and communities in some far-flung places.

You have also brought those places closer to Australia as you share stories and experiences with families, friends and communities.

DFAT is proud to support the network of volunteers who have been at the front-line of our aid program, and I hope the RAVN network can provide you with opportunities to engage with like-minded people and draw from their experience of how they stay connected with their partner organisations and communities.

Laura Taylor

Acting Director – Australian Volunteers Section, DFAT

Read the February RAVN Update here. 

Australian volunteer Is Qi Wen in Samoa
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