Child safe volunteering resources

Ensure that child protection is a key part of your practice and travels.

A child stands with their back to a chalkboard mid-drawing and a woman stand on his right, smiling. Both are in traditional dress.
Volunteer Elizabeth Grover works alongside staff at the Wangsel Institute - Bhutan's only school for the deaf.
Two men stand in front of a group of children, facing the camera, with their arms up in a stretch. The children have their back to the camera.
Lewis Keane volunteers in Tonga teaching cricket to school children.

A key part of child protection is preventing harmful volunteering and tourism practices that impede on the safety and wellbeing of children, such as orphanage tourism.

We have compiled a short list of resources and tool kits to facilitate communication and knowledge sharing on the subject.

  • Community-based child safe tourism toolkit 
    • A PDF tool kit developed by AVI, filled with resource for communities to strengthen child safety measures within tourism activities. Examples are used from Fiji, but learnings are applicable globally.