Volunteerism consultation workshop in Mongolia

On 23 October, we hosted a workshop in Ulaanbaatar that brought together diverse stakeholders to discuss volunteerism in Mongolia.

For many participants, it was the first time they'd been invited to contribute to this conversation, and there was a real sense of energy in the room with representatives eager to share their insights and experience.

The workshop included presentations from independent researcher, Ms. Chantsalsuren Mavag; Chair of the Network of Mongolian Volunteer Organizations (NMVO), Ms. Undral Gombodorj; and Founder of the Mongolian Volunteer Centre, Ms. Tsevelmaa Batchuluun. They delivered findings from recent research that served as a foundation for an important discussion on how the legal environment and regulatory framework could be strengthened, and what support could be required for improving and promoting volunteerism in Mongolia.

Watch this short clip from the Mongolian National Broadcaster to learn more about this event and how it contributes to the program's Global Volunteering Accelerator initiative.

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