Reflecting on the Innovation Project: Where Creativity Brings People Together

Innovation isn't solely about forging ahead; it entails pausing to reflect and gain learnings that help us better understand problems, test assumptions, and adapt.

In this update, we're thrilled to share about our most recent hybrid reflection sessions, where partners had the opportunity to meet in person after three months of collaborating solely online as they tested the effectiveness and desirability of the Volunteer Management Support product – Resource Kit and complementary workshops.

Imagine the excitement of global connections as participants from Cambodia and Fiji convene for the first time in a virtual reflection session, while simultaneously gathering with their country teams in person. Later, a parallel session took place with partners from Tanzania, Sri Lanka, and Mongolia.

These workshops weren't mere data collection exercises; they were about fostering networks, nurturing creative thinking, sharing experiences, and, above all, expressing gratitude to our partners for their invaluable time and expertise.

“Partners were excited to engage with other organisations, to see others. This was a highlight. It was also important for them to come in one space and share the reflections. We all had a really good time.” - Country team

During these sessions, participants were invited to envision volunteering, reflect on their learning journey, identify their most trusted and utilised data sources, and create poster mock-ups designed to inspire other organisations to explore our product. These insights provided invaluable understanding of the user experience with the product – directly from those who’d tested and may continue using it in the future.

The reflection sessions marked the conclusion of our Volunteer Management Support product live testing, which is now undergoing refinement based on the feedback we've gathered. You can explore our learnings on the project page.

You may be wondering, what comes next? Stay tuned, as we are about to launch a live test of a global peer network!

“Thank you for bringing us all together, I don't think it was easy to have so many different countries. And it was so well facilitated, very engaging. We learnt from this session too” - participant