New project announcement: Remote Volunteering Desirability

Uncovering possible opportunities to enhance Remote Volunteering by making it more attractive to partners and volunteers.

The launch of Remote Volunteering in 2020 was a success, and an important way the Australian Volunteers Program continued to support our partners during the peak pandemic period. Now, in 2023, with in-country volunteering back in place and the addition of hybrid volunteering, we want to ensure that Remote Volunteering remains desirable to both partners and volunteers as a standalone modality.

A cross-program team has been established to carry out user-centric activities to identify opportunities to enhance the product to be more attractive to partners and volunteers.

Our objectives

  • Gain a deep understanding of the target user’s needs, goals, and pain points
  • Identify opportunities for improving remote volunteering
  • Inform the development of user-centered solutions.

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