Indorelawan receives grant to support research on volunteerism in Indonesia

The Australian Volunteers Program has provided a significant research grant to Indorelawan, a non-profit organisation working to promote volunteerism and community engagement in Indonesia. The program works to support volunteerism within partner countries through co-design activities with governments and peak bodies, in Indonesia Indorelawan is a key partner in working towards this goal.

The research entitled “In-depth Study on Understanding Volunteerism and Volunteer Practices in Java and Bali” seeks to understand volunteerism practices of key stakeholders in two of Indonesia’s most populated islands. Through this in-depth study, the project aims to generate valuable insights, inform policy decisions, and promote best practices in volunteerism in Indonesia. The research outcomes will also facilitate knowledge-sharing and collaboration among stakeholders, such as government bodies, civil society organisations, and volunteer networks.

This research grant is a significant investment towards understanding and fostering volunteerism in Indonesia. The collaboration between the program and Indorelawan demonstrates a shared commitment to support and promote the value of volunteering as a powerful tool for positive change.

This grant is part of the Global Volunteering Accelerator of the Innovation Hub.

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