Open Volunteering

Discovering ways to successfully implement mixed-mode volunteering


Not everyone can pack up their life and move overseas to volunteer. We wanted to explore a more flexible model of volunteering so more diverse Australians could participate in the program. A larger pool of volunteers, in turn, offers our partners access to skills, knowledge and people that may not have been available previously.

What we're aiming to learn

  • How do we make volunteering accessible to a more diverse pool of people?
  • Can volunteers and partner organisations build an effective relationship while taking part in a short term assignment?
  • How can the program develop effective programming for shorter and remote volunteer assignments?

Our expected impact


People unable to volunteer long-term in-country are still able to take part in the program.


More diverse people, with diverse skill sets, support to our partner's achieve their objectives.

Broader impact

Diverse volunteering models shared with the volunteering and development sector.