Network Volunteering

Identifying potential network possibilities that will benefit both partners and volunteers


We heard that partners and volunteers see the program’s wide network as an untapped resource that could support their work. They also believed the program could be a bridge for exchange and collaboration with others. We wondered if there were ways to support volunteers and partners to achieve more together than they could alone.

What we're aiming to learn

  • Does connecting volunteers across countries and regions contribute to increased support and outcomes for volunteers and partner organisations?
  • What is the value of a global network?
  • Are volunteers interested in joining a network and if so, what role do they play?
  • What level of coordination and support is needed by all those involved to facilitate networks?

Our expected impact


More connected volunteers, increasing personal and professional benefits.


Opportunity for partners to link with wider networks, including volunteers, and access more information and learnings.

Broader impact

Potential to create impact regionally or thematically.