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Why should I register for the Talent Pool?

Registering for the Talent Pool is your way of letting us know that you are ready to volunteer. It is an easy way for our recruitment team to keep track of your skills, experience and volunteer preferences, and consider you for future assignments that are the right match for you.

Register for the Talent Pool to make a head start on your application and let our recruiters know you’re ready to volunteer. If you’re a good match for an upcoming assignment, we’ll get in touch and fast track you through the recruitment process.

Registering for the Talent Pool is also the best way to be considered for an in-country assignment. We currently offer a small number of in-country assignments, and where possible we will contact potential applicants from our Talent Pool. Learn more under in-country volunteering.


Who should register for the Talent Pool?

If you meet the requirements to be an Australian volunteer and are ready to volunteer in the next three to 12 months. The Talent Pool allows us to keep your details on file and consider you for future assignments.

How do I register for the Talent Pool?

The registration link will take you through the Australian Volunteer Portal where you will be asked to create an account and complete a profile. You will be asked to provide:

  • Personal contact details
  • Passport information
  • Current curriculum vitae
  • A recorded video interview answering questions about yourself and your motivations. Learn more about the video interview.

Give yourself two-to-three days to complete this registration, and remember the more detail you provide here, the better your chances of being matched to the right assignment.

I've registered for the Talent Pool, what's next?

One of our recruiters will be in touch to discuss your application further, depending on our current requirements. We’ll also keep you posted on the latest updates about the Australian Volunteers Program.

Your registration will lapse after six months of inactivity, which means you need to log in every few months to make sure your details are up to date. If your account is inactive for more than six months it will expire and you will no longer be contacted for roles unless you register again. We'll send you a reminder email two months before this happens.

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