Meet 10 inspiring people and one cute dog

We asked Australian volunteers to interview their colleagues. Here you can read their stories and discover how they're striving to improve their communities.


Prabha was born in Nepal


Prabha was born in Nepal.

She's a Speech Language Pathologist at Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital. They are striving to establish the first feeding and swallowing clinic in Nepal.

Something you might not know about Nepal is that Gautam Buddha (light of Asia) was born in Lumbini, Nepal.

Tyscha was born in Timor Leste.

She's helping fight high malnutrition in her country.

To reverse severe undernourishment among young people like her - she helps tell stories about nutrition-sensitive agriculture (horticulture) and having school gardens growing local ancestor food in her country.

Tyscha was born in Timor Leste.



Einoth was born in Manyara
Einoth was born in Tanzania.

She works at AfricAid, an NGO that fights gender inequality in Tanzania by mentoring girls to become educated leaders.

Something you might not know about Tanzania is that it is a country with no post-colonial history of tribal-violence - a peace that continues today, and a point of pride.

Steven was born in Indonesia.

He works at Yayasan Teman Baik, an organisation seeking to protect children and young people from violence in their communities.

Something you might not know about Indonesia is that there is nothing quite like walking through a ‘kampung’ or Indonesian suburb: you see the hustle and bustle of Indonesian life and the beauty of suburban gardens. 

Steven was born in Jakarta 
Sambath was born in Cambodia.
Sambath was born in Cambodia.

He is the Country Manager of the Eye Care Foundation. They are working with the National Program for Eye Health supporting eight target provinces in Cambodia to end avoidable blindness.

"I am a proud Cambodian. There are many special things about Cambodia but the famous Angkor Wat temple complex is extremely special."

Winnie was born in Papua New Guinea.

She is an Environmental Health Officer for East Sepik Provincial Health. They are striving to improve the health of the community through the prevention and cure of disease.

"What I love about my country are its beautiful natural resources. When I am in the bush it makes me feel good."

Winnie was born in Papua New Guinea



Kunzang was born in Bhutan.



Kunzang (left) was born in Bhutan.

She works as the nutritionist in the Ministry of Education to support school meals, nutrition education and other programs to improve the health of all school children in Bhutan.

To help preserve the rich culture in Bhutan, we wear our traditional attire to work, school and all formal occasions.

Roady was born in Bali.

She is the Director of Security and Chief of Digging at IDEP, who support local communities through permaculture and sustainable development.

Something you might not know about Indonesia is that the 'Kintamani Dog' is the first Indonesian breed to be internationally recognised.

Roady was born in Bali



Puthea was born in Cambodia



Puthea was born in Cambodia.

She works with ASEAN Regional Mine Action Center, addressing explosive remnants of war through local and international cooperation.

Puthea is most proud of Cambodia’s Angkor Wat Temple and that Cambodia can share its beauty with tourists from around the world.

Somchit was born in Lao PDR.

She works at the Non-Formal Education Development Centre supporting people who have had a lack of opportunities to study in formal school.

Something you might not know about Lao PDR is that the main meal of the day will always include sticky rice.

Somchit was born in Lao PDR.


Malagha was born in Morogoro
 Malagha was born in Tanzania.

She is a doctor at Arusha Medivac Air Ambulance Service, which transports sick people across the country to medical care, much quicker than by regular transport.

Something you might not know about Tanzania is the range of climates here - everyone thinks of hot dry safaris in the Serengeti, but Tanzania also has beautiful sandy beaches and cool mountain climates.

Malaghi likes living in Arusha near Mount Kilimanjaro, where it's not too hot!


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Australian volunteer Marguerite Goulding volunteers at Eye Care Foundation as a Technical Advisor (Program Management), Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Jennifer Savenake volunteers as a Nutritionist at School Health and Nutrition Division (SHND), Thimphu, Bhutan.