Can I volunteer?

Australian volunteers come from all walks of life. 

The demographics, expertise and motivations of international volunteers vary greatly!  However there are some common threads that we look for:

  • Whether you're early, mid or late career, or even retired, we embrace all levels of experience. 

  • In addition to relevant experience, we look for a unique set of personal competencies to ensure your success overseas.

  • As your overseas counterparts are likely to be degree qualified, we expect you to be too, or you have demonstrable and relevant experience in your field.

  • Training and mentoring is the key objective of every volunteer assignment. Therefore you must have experience and be committed to developing the capacity of others and working in a team.

  • We look for people who are curious about other cultures. They are open to learning as much as they will teach. People with great enthusiasm or experience working cross-culturally.

What about...?

My partner and/or children?

Yes, there are support provisions to allow partners and/or dependents to join you on assignment. Read more about the possible scenarios in our Volunteer as a couple or Volunteer with my family fact sheets.

If I'm living with a disability?

We actively encourage your participation and have support provisions available. We'd invite you to disclose your personal circumstances so that we can investigate possible options to accommodate your needs.

My citizenship?

Participants need to be Australian citizens or Permanent Residents, or New Zealand citizens currently and permanently residing in Australia.

The time commitment? 

The duration of assignments will vary depending on the requirements of the role. It can vary from 3 - 18 months, with the average length of recent assignments being 12 months.