Meet Your Returned Australian Volunteer Network Representatives

RAVN Representatives lead returned volunteer networking activities in their home cities and advocate for the Australian Volunteers Program.

National Indigenous RAVN Representative

Meet Dimity, your National Indigenous RAVN Representatives.

Australian Capital Territory

Meet Jemma, Joseph and Karen, your RAVN Representatives for the Australian Capital Territory.

New South Wales

Meet Carina and Rona, your RAVN Representatives for New South Wales.

Northern Territory

Meet Emily and Rachel, your RAVN Representatives for the Northern Territory.


Meet Andrea, Jonno and Mira, your RAVN Representatives for Queensland.

South Australia 

Meet Alex and Louise, your RAVN Representatives for South Australia.


Meet Allen, Courtney and Leela, your RAVN Representatives for Victoria.

Western Australia

Meet James, Meena and Tracy, your RAVN Representatives for Western Australia.


We are still looking for RAVN Representatives for Tasmania, based in Hobart, to represent the small cohort of returned volunteers in the state. Please get in touch with the RAVN team if you are interested in applying for a role Tasmanian returned volunteers will continue to be included in online events.

RAVN Facebook groups

Returned volunteers can stay connected and hear about RAVN opportunities on Facebook.

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