Previous grants in Republic of the Marshall Islands

View past grant projects by our partner organisations in Republic of the Marshall Islands.

Since 2019, the Impact Fund has been focused on a range of thematic priority areas. These include COVID-19 response, gender equality, disability and social inclusion (GEDSI), climate action, organisational strengthening, and volunteer assignment support. Explore successful grant applications and projects from Republic of the Marshall Islands below. 

Organisational Strengthening (2022)

Waan Aelõñ in Majel

Replacing Computers, Printer and Associated Equipment  

Waan Aelõñ in Majel (WAM) provides vocational and life skills training, counselling and substance abuse treatment for youth-at-risk, using canoe building, traditional and contemporary boat building, sailing and navigation, wood working and weaving.   

In February 2022, a fire destroyed the WAM training centre including the office and all its contents.   

With the support of the Australian Volunteers Program Impact Fund, this project will:

  • purchase computers, a printer and associated equipment to enable WAM staff to deliver their program to at-risk youth
  • train 50 young people in computer literacy each year.