Previous grants in Papua New Guinea

View past grant projects by our partner organisations in Papua New Guinea.

Since 2019, the Impact Fund has been focused on a range of thematic priority areas. These include COVID-19 response, gender equality, disability and social inclusion (GEDSI), climate action, organisational strengthening, and volunteer assignment support. Explore successful grant applications and projects from Papua New Guinea below. 

GEDSI (2022)

Australian Football League, Papua New Guinea Development

Pilai Long Senis 

The Australian Football League (AFL), Papua New Guinea (PNG) Development conducts AFL coaching, umpiring and match play programs across six provinces of PNG.

Play for Change (Pilai Long Senis) is an initiative of AFL PNG Development, and PNG Tribal Foundation to engage communities through sport and deliver information about healthy lifestyles, inclusion, and gender appreciation. The initiative combines successful programs from the two organisations NiuKick, and Senisim Pasin (Change Our Ways).   

This project will involve visits to three communities in the Western Highlands province to conduct a NiuKick football program, followed by a community screening of PNG Tribal Foundation’s film Senisim Pasin.   

With the support of the Australian Volunteers Program Impact Fund, this project will:

  • conduct three Niukick football programs for 500 males and females of all ages 
  • conduct three community screenings of the film Senisim Pasin
  • invite participants to sign a pledge to commit to being part of a positive social change in gender-based violence 
  • offer ongoing opportunities for local communities to participate in AFL. 

Organisational Strengthening (2022)

HELP Resources

Strengthening Governance and Strategic Planning  

HELP Resources facilitates the implementation of policies and laws supporting informal workers, ending gender-based violence and protecting children.  

Since 2013, inflation of operating costs has required significant downsizing for HELP Resources. This change in size and strategic direction justifies review and updating of the organisation’s strategies and governance.  

With the support of the Australian Volunteers Program Impact Fund, this project will: 

  • engage an organisational development professional to review and amend HELP Resource’s constitution 
  • conduct a four-day strategic planning workshop for 20 staff 
  • develop a report on the history and current project activity of HELP Resources and its contribution to local development to share with partners.  

Assignment Support Round (2021)

Tenkile Conservation Alliance

Data management and capacity building

The Tenkile Conservation Alliance (TCA) is working to save the lives of people, animals and their places in Papua New Guinea (PNG).

The protected Torricelli Mountain Range (TMR) in Sandaun Province is under threat from logging and a growing human population. If local staff and landowners can collect information and upload it to TCA’s database, they can create a powerful resource for conservation management.

This project will create TCA's Protected Areas Monitoring and Management (PAMM) phone application (app), which will collect data on biodiversity, culture, environmental damage and villages. Photos, videos, GPS points, questions, surveys and patrols will be uploaded to TCA's online portal. Any staff or landowner who is registered can access their own data and their village's data.

With the support of the Australian Volunteers Program Impact Fund, this project will:

  • release the PAMM app to 100 TCA staff via instructional videos and tutorials
  • support the collection of data on the PAMM app by TCA staff and organise that data on the online portal
  • input data from TCA's files onto the portal. 

Using apps is entrenched within TCA and this project will take the organisation and its stakeholders further towards sustainability. At least 100 TCA staff will use the PAMM app and will build the capacity of other people in their villages to do the same. Villagers will be able to see the progress of their village, the boundaries, land-use plans, biodiversity and cultural aspects. Ultimately, the online portal will become a library and educational hub for Papua New Guineans to better manage their land.

COVID-19 Response (2020)

Papua New Guinea National Museum and Art Gallery

Virtual education at the museum (2020) 

The Papua New Guinea National Museum & Art Gallery will create an educational website of their collections, allowing people to access collections during COVID-19 and beyond. 

Port Moresby Nature Park

Public hand washing and entry queuing improvements along with COVID-19 safety awareness signage at Port Moresby Nature Park

Port Moresby Nature Park will introduce hand washing stations and improved queueing to entries at the park, to improve visitor hygiene and promote social distancing.

Solar Solutions PNG

Lukautim peles hausik

The Solar Solutions Papua New Guinea (PNG) project will solve urgent power, water and safety issues for the Tubuserea Health Centre, which serves children, young people and elderly women from Motuan coastal villages. The facility often suffers from power outages, which significantly impacts on the quality of care that patients receive. 

With support from the Australian Volunteers Program Impact Fund, this project will: 

  • consult with Motuan communities 
  • supply and install a solar power station, ensuring reliable energy for lighting and providing an uninterrupted electricity supply for medical equipment 
  • supply and install a solar streetlight to provide effective after-hours access to the Tubuserea Health Centre 
  • provide a water irrigation pump to ensure water supply is managed sustainably 
  • provide training on the installation and maintenance of new equipment and infrastructure 
  • conduct an awareness campaign and workshops on managing the COVID-19 pandemic. 

This project will be supported by youth groups to ensure local ownership of the project and its outcomes. 

The Solar Solutions Papua New Guinea (PNG) project aims to ensure all patients Motuan communities regardless of gender disability and sexual orientation, can safely access health care. Patients will receive more consistent care because the facility will have reliable lighting, power and water supplies. This project will also improve Motuan communities' preparedness for COVID-19.