Impact Fund recipients: June 2020

Congratulations to all grant recipients of the June 2020 round of the Australian Volunteers Program Impact Fund. Discover the successful projects below.

Cambodia: AusCam Freedom Project

The Freedom Film: keeping girls and women safe from trafficking in Cambodia during and after COVID-19

The AusCam Freedom Project will produce a 3-5 minute video for media use in Cambodia to educate the public on the risks that lead to women and girls being trafficked or exploited, promote the organisation's new crisis hotline, and provide immediate relief and support to those vulnerable. 


Cambodia: EnergyLab

Building capacity and empowering our volunteer network to support clean energy opportunities for Cambodia

By building the capacity of staff and volunteers to run events and outreach activities, EnergyLab will engage with students, professionals and policy-makers to raise awareness on the opportunities clean energy can bring for Cambodia


Cambodia: Women's Media Center of Cambodia

Awareness raising campaign to build community resilience during COVID-19 

The Women’s Media Center’s ‘COVID-19 and Cambodia’ media campaign aims to enhance community resilience with reliable, factual information about COVID-19, making the community less susceptible to rumour and misinformation, and enabling them to take steps to protect themselves, their families, and their communities from the negative health, social, and economic consequences of the pandemic. 


Cambodia: WorldFish Cambodia

Awareness-raising videos: sustainably managing fish conservation areas

WorldFish Cambodia will produce and share online videos to raise awareness of the importance of integrated inland fish conservation in Cambodia.


eSwatini: Kwakha Indvodza 

Impending pandemic: testing and impact mitigation support of eSwatini's COVID-19 response 

Kwakha Indvodza will provide personnel support eSwatini’s national COVID-19 screening and testing processes, and run campaigns targeting men who are at risk of violence or hardship. 


eSwatini: Tintsaba Crafts 

Tintsaba Artisan Relief Fund

Tintsaba Crafts will provide their women artisans with emergency relief funding during the COVID-19 pandemic, to support them with much-needed health, food and sanitation items.


Indonesia: Asia Justice and Rights (AJAR) 

Defending rights during the pandemic: building capacity of human rights defenders and enhancing  community resilience during COVID-19 

Asia Justice and Rights will support victims, build knowledge and equip change agents with the tools required to challenge abuses of power during the time of COVID-19. 


Indonesia: Celebes Global Act (CEGAT) 

Family food resilience and livelihoods during and after the COVID-19 Pandemic

Celebes Global Act (CEGAT) will help families affected by COVID-19 to enhance their food security and livelihoods, by supplying small aquaponics farming systems and training families in their use.


Indonesia: Indonesian Planned Parenthood Association - Yogyakarta Chapter (PKBI DIY)

Increased income of marginalised communities in COVID-19 situations

To continue supporting small businesses that assist marginalised stakeholders including transgender people, sex workers and disabled communities, the PKBI DIY team will develop online marketing and physical display spaces for products.


Indonesia: IPB University - Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences  

Measuring family resilience as parental mediation from children’s use of technology during the COVID-19 pandemic in the Bogor region, Indonesia

The Computer Science Department of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences at Bogor's IPB University will investigate parental mediation of child internet use during the COVID-19 pandemic, to determine the impact of internet use and effective strategies.


Indonesia: Lembaga Pengkajian Dan Pemberdayaan Masyarakat (LP2M, Institution of Community Study and Empowerment)

Moving together building resilience of grassroots women facing the impact of COVID-19 in three districts in West Sumatra

Through training, workshops and discussions, the LP2M team will build the resilience of local women and help develop businesses and vegetable production, to help them recover from the impacts of COVID-19.


Indonesia: Yayasan Emas Hitam Indonesia

Mari berkebun (let's garden!)

Yayasan Emas Hitam Indonesia will support families in their local community with vegetable and fruit seedlings, and train them and their children at workshops on how to care for plants, ultimately helping them become more self-sufficient.


Kiribati: Kiribati Women and Children Support Centre 

Community outreach program on COVID-19 and domestic violence and gender based violence  

The Kiribati Women and Children Support Centre will visit Kiribati’s two big islands and consult with women and children about preparedness for COVID-19, and domestic violence and gender-based violence issues. 


Lesotho: Kick4Life

Good Health & Wellbeing through Sport Online 

Kick4Life will adapt their existing ‘Good Health & Wellbeing through Sport’ curriculum into online, animated content, to help reach young people with critical health messages while their physical sports programs are unable to run due to COVID-19. 



Strengthening capacity building for collective online activism

MOMFEMNET will strengthen the capacity of its 22 member organisations to work remotely, organise emergency responses, and engage in activism online, through research, training and stakeholder engagement.


Mongolia: The Asia Foundation

Developing guidance for COVID-19 prevention and control in local schools in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia 

The Asia Foundation will help Mongolia reopen schools after one of the longest breaks in the world, by piloting a reopening plan at one school, to be used as a model for others across the country. 


Myanmar: Thabyay Education Foundation

Thabyay Education Foundation Kachin State Volunteer Network

The Thabyay Education Foundation will coordinate a network of volunteers in Kachin State to support local needs-based COVID-19 initiatives, including the dissemination of public health information, and the provision of medical and food supplies.


Myanmar: Turquoise Mountain 

Supporting artisans in the handmade textile sector during COVID-19 

Turquoise Mountain will raise health and hygiene awareness among 300 women weavers and their families in rural areas of Myanmar, and ensure they continue to access markets and generate income, while repurposing existing facilities to produce personal protective equipment. 


Nepal: Kathmandu University School of Arts 

Social, emotional and mental health impact of COVID-19 on students, faculties and teachers, and building institutional and hygiene infrastructure 

Kathmandu University School of Arts will design social and cultural programs to help staff and students respond to COVID-19 by researching the social, emotional and mental health impacts of isolation, as well as supporting the resumption of classes in 2021 with health and hygiene promotion. 


Papua New Guinea: Papua New Guinea National Museum & Art Gallery

Virtual education at the museum

The Papua New Guinea National Museum & Art Gallery will create an educational website of their collections, allowing people to access collections during COVID-19 and beyond. 


Papua New Guinea: Port Moresby Nature Park

Public hand washing and entry queuing improvements along with COVID-19 safety awareness signage at Port Moresby Nature Park

Port Moresby Nature Park will introduce hand washing stations and improved queueing to entries at the park, to improve visitor hygiene and promote social distancing.


Samoa: Samoa Fire & Emergency Services Authority (SFESA)

Securing the Samoa Fire & Emergency Services Authority and its employees against COVID-19-linked events

The Samoa Fire & Emergency Services Authority will build the capabilities and knowledge base of first responders and staff to possible COVID-19 cases.


Solomon Islands: Solomon Islands Sport & Leadership Institute

Building capacity to secure a safe return and ongoing delivery of sport and physical activity in Solomon Islands

The Solomon Islands Sport & Leadership Institute will work with a health professional to develop resources, manuals and training materials, to build staff capacity for the safe return of sport and physical activity across Solomon Islands.


South Africa: Malamulele Onward 

Protection of children with cerebral palsy and their families living in rural resource-constrained settings from the negative impact of COVID-19

Malamulele Onward will provide children living with cerebral palsy, and their families, with food, clothing, personal protective equipment and sanitisation products, to help support them during COVID-19, as well as providing education and testing support. 


South Africa: the South African Institute of International Affairs (SAIIA)

Reimaging our futures beyond COVID-19

SAIIA will engage with South African young people and educators on a series of interactive virtual dialogues to help provide a safe and supportive platform for them to share their views on the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, and develop ideas and solutions for tackling challenges during the pandemic and beyond.


Sri Lanka: Bridging Lanka

Building COVID-19 resilience in vulnerable communities in northern Sri Lanka

Bridging Lanka will work to understand the impact of COVID-19 on vulnerable families in the Mannar District of Northern Sri Lanka, trial responses to help build community resilience, and explore ways to recruit and work with volunteers remotely.


Sri Lanka: Equality-based Community Support And Training (ECSAT)

ECSAT back to business

Equality-based Community Support And Training (ECSAT) will run training to support their beneficiaries to protect themselves and their communities from COVID-19, as well as resume their education, vocational training and therapeutic support services for people with disabilities.


Tanzania: ECHO - East Africa 

Perennial vegetables for urban Tanzanians

ECHO - East Africa will increase the nutrition of urban Tanzanians during the COVID19 pandemic by promoting the growing and consumption of nutrient-dense perennial vegetables, in small urban gardens with minimal space.


Tanzania: Girls Livelihood and Mentorship Initiative (GLAMI) 

GLAMI Radio Project

The Girls Livelihood and Mentorship Initiative (GLAMI) will continue mentoring Tanzanian secondary school girls during COVID-19 and into the future by developing the GLAMI Radio Project, an innovative way to reach existing and new scholars with lessons on resilience, leadership and confidence.


Tanzania: Maternity Africa 

Providing access to good, evidence-based maternal healthcare for vulnerable and marginalised women and girls during the COVID-19 emergency

Maternity Africa will continue towards their goal of making every childbirth safe for every woman in Tanzania, by providing access to maternal healthcare services during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Timor-Leste: Ba Futuru | For the Future

Youth-led campaign for stopping the spread of fake news and rumors of COVID-19 in rural communities throughout Timor-Leste

Ba Futuru will partner with a local media organisation to develop an entertaining and informative three-part video series on fake news, and will work with their network of 150 youth volunteers to share this in communities across Timor-Leste.


Timor-Leste: East Timor Development Agency

Strengthening cooking of nutritious food and improving hygiene practices

The East Timor Development Agency will produce healthy cooking, hygiene and nutrition videos, with lessons delivered by chefs from the Agency's Education Restaurant, to help Timorese people of all ages live healthier.


Timor-Leste: HIAM Health

COVID-19 public communications and education campaign - Timor-Leste districts

HIAM Health will increase the understanding of health, safety and hygiene among their beneficiaries and staff to help reduce the risk of COVID-19 infection, and develop factual information on how the disease spreads and preventative strategies. 


Timor-Leste: Maluk Timor

Maintaining essential HIV services that have been disrupted by COVID-19 and the state of emergency

The impact of COVID-19 and the state of emergency in Timor-Leste has led to a decrease in testing, treatment and education on HIV. These funds will support Maluk Timor to continue to treat HIV in the Timor-Leste community during this challenging time.


Timor-Leste: Maluk Timor

Supporting continuity of access to essential primary health care for rheumatic heart disease patients in Timor-Leste throughout the COVID-19 pandemic

This project will increase the capacity of district healthcare workers to provide essential primary care services for rheumatic heart disease patients during the COVID-19 pandemic, providing patients with access to monthly injections to prevent episodes of health conditions.


Timor-Leste: Permakultura Timor Lorosa'e

Workshop and training on horticulture, aquaculture and chicken raising

Permakultura Timor Lorosa'e will support community groups, particularly young people, with training in water conservation, aquaculture, horticulture and animal husbandry, to improve food production and income generation. 


Timor-Leste: Youth Off The Streets Overseas Relief Fund Timor Leste

Digitising youth work in Timor-Leste

Youth Off The Streets Overseas Relief Fund will upskill their team of Timorese youth workers, training them in project management, digital, and best practice youth work, as well as building their technological capacity, to better share digital resources with their community.


Tonga: Ministry of Meteorology, Energy, Information, Disaster Management, Environment, Climate Change and Communication (MEIDECC) - Vava'u

Vava'u communities disaster management plan review

The Ministry will consult with the community, and review and update community disaster management plans, to ensure the Vava’u population are able to minimise the risk of disasters, including COVID-19.


Tuvalu: Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports

Operation Continuous Learning: professional community development

This project from the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports will help deliver resources to teachers and students across Tuvalu via television and radio while the impacts of COVID-19 continue.


Vanuatu: The Adventist Development & Relief Agency (ADRA) Vanuatu Committee (Inc)

COVID-19 holistic training and handwashing stations

The Adventist Development & Relief Agency (ADRA) Vanuatu Committee will deliver training on COVID-19 risks, handwashing, gender impacts, disability inclusion and food security, to community markets, schools and corrective services facilities.


Vanuatu: Further Arts

Resilient youth, resilient futures

Further Arts will provide opportunities for Vanuatu youth affected by Tropical Cyclone Harold and COVID-19 to engage in education, training, employment, and psycho-social support, to help them build their resilience.


Vanuatu: Ministry of Health

Hygiene and sanitation training for Provincial Health Extension Workers

The Ministry of Health will support their staff and those of other authorities with the latest messaging and guidelines on COVID-19 response through two workshops, and the production of promotional materials.


Vanuatu: Ministry of Health

National and provincial cooperation on Risk, Communication and Community Engagement for COVID-19 (RCCE) review

This project will improve the coordination of Risk, Communication and Community Engagement on COVID-19 in the Health Promotion Unit, Vanuatu Ministry of Health. The project will analyse current processes for COVID-19 awareness and prevention, and improve collaboration among key stakeholders in crisis response and long-term health priorities.


Vanuatu: Ministry of Health

Building the capacity of Vila Central Hospital Emergency Department with a desktop computer

The Emergency Department at Vila Central Hospital plays an integral role in patient care, and the use of a desktop computer will improve data collection, be used by staff for webinars with counterparts in other Pacific countries and health organisations, and be used for staff training.


Vanuatu: ProMedical

Building confidence, resilience and improving health outcomes for Ni-Vanuatu people living with disabilities to combat the impacts of COVID-19 and Tropical Cyclone Harold

This project will deliver services to Ni-Vanuatu people living with disabilities in the local community, including first aid training by ProMedical Vanuatu paramedics for community members and health education on COVID-19 for carers and family. This will improve the capacity of the local community to respond to the global pandemic.


Vanuatu: Wan Smolbag Theatre

Rainbow Disability Theatre COVID-19 awareness performances

Wan Smolbag’s Rainbow Disability Theatre will visit schools and communities, sharing messages about COVID-19 and good hygiene practices through a fun and engaging performance.


Vietnam: Action on Poverty

Gathering ethnic minority stories (GEMS) in Vietnam

In partnership with the Vietnamese Writers Association, Action on Poverty Vietnam will run a creative writing camp in Doi Village, Moc Chau District, Son La Province, bringing together amateur and professional Vietnamese authors to produce works of creative writing inspired by local stories, landscape, culture and people, with a focus on stories about gender and development challenges. 


Vietnam: AIP Foundation

PROTECtion capacity building

The AIP Foundation will improve their database platform and build staff capacity to analyse their range of programs, in particular their N95 mask production that was established during the COVID-19 pandemic. 


Vietnam: Hearing and Beyond in Vietnam

Improved hand sanitation and clean water project

Hearing and Beyond in Vietnam will share COVID-19 public health messages and increase access to hand washing and clean drinking water for children that attend their services.


Vietnam: REACH

Developing an international accreditation program at REACH

REACH will continue their work to support Vietnam’s disadvantaged youth through vocational training, by working remotely with their Australian volunteer to upgrade their food and beverage training course.