Support for Indigenous Pathways volunteers

We're committed to strengthening Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander participation by providing culturally safe, flexible and tailored support.

We recognise that due to many factors both past and present, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people may encounter additional barriers, responsibilities or concerns when participating in international volunteering. There are a range of ways in which we can support you.

Assistance with paperwork

As required, the Indigenous Programs Coordinator can assist you when applying for identification documents, a police check, or other paperwork associated with your assignment

Talent Pool and assignment matching

If you would like to undertake an assignment but can’t find the right one, the Indigenous Programs Coordinator can assist you. You can have a yarn about your skills and experience, register your interest, and be contacted when new volunteering opportunities become available. Sign up to the Talent Pool, or download the paper-based Expression of Interest Form

Indigenous Volunteer Support and Advisory Panel

The Australian Volunteers Program has established an Indigenous Volunteers Support and Advisory Panel as an additional mode of support for Indigenous volunteers. The panel is a formal structure with the purpose of advising the Australian Volunteers Program broadly on Indigenous engagement and participation in international volunteering. The panel can also provide support, guidance, and mentoring to Indigenous Australian volunteers participating in the program. To arrange a call with the panel please contact the Indigenous Programs Coordinator on 

Cultural safety

Feeling that your culture, values and history are acknowledged and respected is a crucial part of a culturally safe environment. The program understands the importance of cultural safety, and we are committed to ensuring Indigenous volunteers are well supported throughout their assignments. As part of this commitment, we are ensuring that our program staff have increased levels of understanding and appreciation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and culture. 

Australian-based staff receive cultural awareness training annually. International staff, working across all 26 countries the program operates in, have commenced online training developed by the Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies (AIATSIS). The training includes stories from communities across the country, and our international staff have enjoyed learning more and sometimes discovering similarities with their own cultures.

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Want to have a yarn about Indigenous volunteering?

If you require additional support or have a personal question to discuss in confidence, chat to our Indigenous Program Coordinator, Alice Tamang. Phone 0422 763 630 or email via the link below.

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