Volunteer for a climate safe world

The Australian Volunteers Program is committed to supporting our partners as they work to reduce the impact of climate change in their communities

Climate change is one of the greatest challenges of our time

Communities and organisations around the world are working to reduce the impact of climate change and identify ways to adapt to new climatic conditions. Australian volunteers play an important role in helping to develop capacity and support communities to respond to climate change 

Acknowledging the rapidly changing and increasingly complex global humanitarian environment, the Australian Volunteers Program has committed to increasing volunteer placements in climate change, disaster resilience and food security 

The Australian Volunteers Program commissioned CoLab, a Fiji-based development consultancy, to develop a Pacific Climate Research report. The report includes a number of case studies on Australians volunteering in the Pacific, looking at how their support has helped to strengthen the capacity of communities to reduce the impact of climate change.

Learn more about some of the partners we are working with:

Coastal erosion, linked to climate change, is seeing trees fall into the water with greater frequency. Photo: Darren James
Australian volunteer, Ian working with Pacific Islands Rainforest Foundation to institute sustainable farming practices. Photo Darren James
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Two men fishing in shallow water and sand bars in Kiribati. Photo Darren James.
Asaeli Tamanitokula, Conservation Officer at Cakaudrove Provincial Council, and Australian volunteer, Leigh Sparrow. Photo: Darren James.