The Australian Volunteers Program is part of the Australian Government’s people-to-people program portfolio, connecting Australians to Australia’s development cooperation program and the region. Globally, the Australian Volunteers Program is valued for its partnership approach which is led by the needs of partner organisations as expressed by local leadership. The program also has a unique value in the Australian community, enabling Australians to stand in solidarity with people across the Pacific, Asia and Africa and work together in support of equitable development.

The program Global Program Strategy sets out the strategic direction, guiding principles and priorities for the Australian Volunteers Program. The strategy is framed by and makes an important contribution to Australia’s International Development Policy and the Australian Government’s goal to advance an Indo-Pacific that is peaceful, stable and prosperous.

The Australian Volunteers Program is guided by a set of key principles and a program logic. A comprehensive Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Framework, country-level plans, and annual plans support effective program implementation.

The program has and will continue to make important contributions in supporting development objectives to promote and protect human rights, and support efforts to strengthen the international rules-based system. Recognising that climate change is the greatest shared threat to all countries, the program seeks to support organisations working to respond to the accelerating risk, through environmental protection, mitigation and adaptation.

In addition, the program will work with volunteers and partners to integrate these core issues into all assignments, regardless of the focus of the partner organisation.

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Global Program Strategy

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Program Logic

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Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Framework

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