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Our step-by-step guide and resources will help you to prepare to volunteer overseas. From application to airport, follow the four steps to volunteer.

Four steps to volunteer

Preparing to volunteer

There is so much you can do to prepare to volunteer overseas! 

  • Do you have the personal competencies required to become a volunteer? 
  • Consider which countries you're most suited to. The climate, customs, food, transport, people and culture. Explore where you can go with this in mind. 
  • You may have considered the professional challenges, but are you ready for the physical and emotional challenges? How do you respond to change, stress or social isolation? Can you work in an under-resourced environment? 
  • Think in advance about returning to Australia after an assignment. Volunteers spend time away from friends, family, and, in some cases, partners. Volunteers leave behind houses, jobs and comfortable routines. 
  • Have you spoken to your nearest and dearest about your plans?

  • Look for books or documentaries that tell stories from the grass-roots level of countries or communities you're interested to work in.
  • Learn a language or the foundations of one. Although not a pre-requisite for most assignments, it certainly helps!
  • Volunteer closer to home, with organisations engaged in the issues you are passionate about. Check out GoVolunteer, Seek Volunteer or Ethical Jobs.