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Program commenced:   1996

Total number of placements: 27 (as of 17 August, 2011)

Number of current placements: 6 (as of 17 August, 2011)

AVI Programs: Volunteer Program, AVI-VSO Partnership, United Nations Volunteer Program, Hamlin Fistula Hospital Partnership

Ethiopia is a landlocked country in Eastern Africa, bordering Sudan, Somalia, Kenya, Eritrea and Djibouti. The ancient Ethiopian monarchy almost entirely escaped colonial rule, aside from a brief occupation by Italy under Musollini. Emporer Haile Selassi, seen as a messianic figure in the Rastafarian movement, was overthrown by a military junta in 1974, sparking years of coups and uprising.

With a rich history and a diverse climate, Ethiopia is the main source of water for the river Nile and is home to the largest number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Africa.

The high and rapidly growing population is subject to many of the problems facing their fellow African neighbours, such as poverty, high HIV/AIDS rate and low life expectancy, though the economy is one of the fastest growing in the region.

AVI's recent involvement in Ethiopia has been via a partnership with Hamlin Fistula Hospital. It is the pre-eminent hospital for treatment and care for women suffering from obstetric fistula.  The Hospital has restored the hopes and lives of more than 32,000 women who would otherwise have died or suffered lifelong complications and exclusion from society.

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