PACE International

The PACE International arm of Macquarie University's Professional and Community Engagement Initiative (PACE) offers Macquarie University staff and students a unique opportunity to work and learn in partnership with communities overseas.

PACE International was delivered collaboratively by Australian Volunteers International (AVI) and Macquarie University from the program’s inception in 2008 until 2016, when the University assumed full operational responsibility for the program. AVI played a pivotal role in the successful development and design of the program and in applying a development approach to the projects, assisting with risk management, volunteer orientation and monitoring and evaluation. AVI continues to provide on-the-ground services and  risk management in several international locations. 

As part of the continued Partnership, AVI periodically recruits and supports Volunteer Team Leaders. These Volunteer Team Leaders oversee the health and wellbeing of the Macquarie participants and help ensure the successful delivery of the project objectives.

"If you're looking to combine your life skills with travel and supporting young people on a project in another country, I urge you to consider a Team Leader position with AVI. It's not without challenge but the rewards are many and you'll be part of a team that makes a difference in this world." Tony Allison, Team Leader in Malaysia. 

Please note that to be a participant in PACE International you must be a Macquarie University student. You do NOT need to be a Macquarie University student to apply to be a team leader. 

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For general information regarding the Macquarie University and AVI Partnership, please contact Treaisa Rowe, AVI Program Manager - Student Programs, on 03 9279 1745 or

For Macquarie University students wishing to seek more information please contact the PACE team at the university on 02 9850 4473 or

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