Why volunteer with AVID?

There are many reasons to volunteer with AVID:

You'll contribute to lasting change

AVI partners with organisations overseas who are working to relieve poverty, promote human rights and support local development. By sharing your skills and expertise you will be contributing to their efforts.

You'll gain valuable career experience

International experience is highly desired by employers - by working overseas you'll gain new and diversified skills and you'll develop personally and professionally.

You'll support the objectives of the Australian Aid program

  • Work towards good governance
  • Increase participation and social inclusion
  • Improve health outcomes, particularly maternal and child health
  • Improve education outcomes
  • Support sustainable livelihoods, including food security

Other benefits of international volunteering

  • You make a hands-on contribution to the fight against poverty
  • You work with local people, on projects requested by their communities
  • You form friendships that can last a lifetime
  • You learn about another culture by being immersed in it
  • You face challenges that help you develop personally and professionally
  • You gain valuable career development experience
  • You are fully supported by an organisation with over 60 years of experience



The Australian Volunteers for International Development (AVID) program is an Australian Government initiative. This program has been developed by Australian Volunteers International, a delivery partner for the AVID program.