The application process for AVI differs depending on which program you are applying for, but all of our programs share a similar ethos and require common personal attributes and competencies.

All of our programs involve a competitive and thorough recruitment process, to select and prepare the right people for each role.

All applications must be completed online, by selecting the appropriate assignment, providing your details and uploading the relevant documents.

  • Australian Volunteers program

  • PACTAM program

  • Macquarie AVI Partnership

Australian Volunteers for International Development (AVID) program

Australian Volunteers for International Development is our largest program.

Assignments are sourced in consultation with host organisations (organisations within the country) in response to identified needs that can't be met locally, ensuring local jobs aren't replaced.

For more information, see the complete Volunteer Cycle diagram (pdf).

Assignments have an optimum length of two (2) years and only Australian citizens, Australian permanent residents and New Zealand citizens resident in Australia can apply.

Couples and Families will find vital information in the AVI Fact Sheets for Couples and Families exploring volunteering.

AVI is able to accept applications from candidates to the AVID program seeking support for accompanying dependants, with some limitations based on security, visa, cultural and program support issues. Please call to discuss your family circumstances with a Recruitment Consultant, if you are considering applying to have your partner or family accompany you.

Identify assignments that match your interests and skills

To apply for an Australian Volunteers program role, search our available assignments to find a request for a Volunteer that matches your skills and interests.

Application Support and Enquiries

If you are interested in applying to become a volunteer, AVI Recruitment Consultants will work with you to provide context and information for self-assessment and research, guidance on the formal assessment and clearance steps, and opportunities for learning and networking to prepare for a successful assignment.  You can contact and discuss your interest with a Recruitment Consultant at any time:

Toll Free: 1800 331 292

Assignment Information, Selection Criteria and Recruitment Steps

Candidates for Australian Volunteers assignments are selected based on their likelihood to successfully meet the objectives of the assignment, in the context, culture and location of the host organisation and community.

Each assignment available for application has a detailed Assignment Description available to down-load from the Advertisement page.  We recommend that you research further relevant information from links and guidance within the assignment description, and through your own networks and information sources.

Full details of selection criteria used for assessing likelihood of success are included in each Volunteer Assignment Description, and in what we look for in a volunteer.

Application Instructions

The first step is a written application.

We use the application information to assess if there is a sufficient match between the requirements of the host organisation and the applicant's skills, experience, qualifications and understanding of the unique role of an Australian Volunteer.  If there are many applications that are sufficiently matched, we will rank the applications, and progress to screening and interview those candidates who have demonstrated the closest match.

Background: The decision to undertake an assignment with Australian Volunteers International entails making a substantial commitment both in terms of the significant period of time that you are prepared to be separated from your family, friends and familiar surroundings as well as a willingness to accept the challenges that living, working and learning in a demanding cross-cultural environment involves.

The making of such a decision therefore needs to be done in a considered and reflective way. We suggest that it should be based not only on a desire to 'give something back' or 'to make a difference' for example, but also on a realistic assessment as to whether the timing is actually right, for you, reflecting on what you anticipate gaining from the volunteering experience and what personal attributes you feel would be required to ensure that such an experience was a satisfying and effective one for yourself and for the host organisation and host community.

Written Application

1.  Response to Selection Criteria: Please begin by writing your responses to the following three questions, in a document headed - Response to Selection Criteria:

a.  Why do I feel that volunteering overseas is the right thing for me to doing at this time in my life? (up to half a page)

b.  What are the biggest personal adjustments I’m likely to have to make to be accepted as a useful colleague and engaged community member in this assignment? (up to half a page)

c.  How I match the Essential Skills & Experience: Write a brief summary of your most relevant experiences, results and achievements against each criteria in the Essential Skills & Experience section of the Assignment Description.

*Use examples, particularly those that you think would be the most relevant to the assignment objectives, the duties, the host organisation context and the AVI personal competencies – the unique skills necessary for successful volunteering.

*Do not respond to the other Selection Criteria sections in the Assignment Description – Qualifications, Desirable Skills & Experience or Essential Personal Qualities – these areas will be covered during interviews and reference checks.


2.  Resume: Prepare a comprehensive and up-to-date Resume which includes the key dates of your professional history.


Lodge your application

  • Log in or Register on the AVI Web-site.
  • Open the Advertisement page of the assignment.
  • Click on the Apply Now link at the bottom of the page. This link will only appear if you are logged in.
  • Complete a few on-line questions and upload your two pre-prepared documents: Response to Selection Criteria and Resume
  • You will receive an automatic email acknowledgement of your application.   Please contact the Recruitment team if you do NOT receive this email or if you have any difficulties.


Response to your application

You will receive advice on the progress of your application within three weeks from the Close of Applications date.  Please contact the Recruitment team if you do NOT receive advice.