You can be the change!

International volunteering is one of the most effective forms of development assistance available. It empowers people to develop their own communities and access the resources to determine and sustain their livelihoods.

We want you to be the change, whether that be living and working in the international community, donating to an important project or mentoring and volunteering from afar.  

Every year hundreds of Australians of all ages, skills and backgrounds participate in AVI's people-centred programs.

Together we can reduce inequalities, ensure good health and well-being, improve education outcomes, promote human rights and gender equality and protect the environment.




(L-R) Painem and Ruwet, members of Paguyuban Petani Tanaman Obat - Organization of Farmers of Medicinal Plants, Gunung Kelir village, Kulon Progo district, Jogjakarta province, Indonesia.