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A donation to AVI will reach far and wide to support developing communities across the globe. Our activities work toward improving good governance, social inclusion, health and education, and support sustainable livelihoods. We rely on public funding and support to further develop and expand our independent programs.

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Spread the word

If only AVI had the marketing budget of a big corporate, you'd see us everywhere, on TV, the side of a bus or tram and billboards! The reality is we're a not-for-profit relying on more humble means to spread the word of AVI's work.

Some of our supporters suggested we make a poster for them to hang on their work noticeboards, staff lunch rooms, cafe/community noticeboards and the like. If you'd like to be an advocate for AVI just download and print the attached poster and stick it up! Who knows, we might just pop up everywhere...

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Get your organisation involved

Our work with businesses such as the Australian Planning Institute and the Planet Wheeler Foundation represent creative and effective engagements through which businesses and staff play an active role in supporting communities through AVI.

Our partnerships are collaborative, long-term relationships that focus on business and community sustainability. We tailor each partnership to suit the needs and structure of the business.

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Join Australia's leading international volunteer sending agency. AVI is a valuable contributor to the sustainable development of a wide range of international communities. Sign up to AVI's free monthly eNewsletter to be the first to hear when we are recruiting for staff.

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