Australian Volunteers for International Development (AVID)

Australian Volunteers for International Development (AVID)

Australian volunteer Monitoring and Evaluation Officer, Joanne Chesson (second left), with colleagues from the Swaziland Breast and Cervical Cancer Network. Photo > Joanne Chesson.

Australian Volunteers for International Development (AVID) draws all Australian Government funded overseas volunteering initiatives together under a single banner, making it easier for Australians to participate in the global volunteer experience.

Working in partnership

Launched in July 2011, AVID is an Australian Government initiative delivered in partnership with Australian Volunteers International, Austraining International and Australian Red Cross.

As part of AVID, AVI works with over 400 partner organisations in up to 40 countries in Africa, the Pacific, Asia and the Middle East. These organisations are already making an impact in their own communities, whether it is delivering health and education services or advocating for human rights.

AVID volunteers working on AVI volunteer assignments do not replace local jobs, instead work to strengthen the activities of our partner organisations.

Volunteering with AVID

All AVID assignments are about developing capacity; helping to strengthen local organisations and communities. AVID volunteers receive ongoing support while on assignment including airfares, living and accommodation allowances, insurance, training and visas.

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Become an Australian Partner

As an organisation, you can support the AVID program as an Australian partner.

Partnerships between AVI and Australian organisations maximise Australia's contributions to overseas development and help to raise awareness of the Australian aid program and the role of volunteering at home and overseas.

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