PACE International

PACE International

Run in partnership with AVI, the international arm of Macquarie University's Professional and Community Engagement Initiative (PACE) offers Macquarie University staff and students a unique opportunity to work and learn in partnership with communities overseas.

Participants apply classroom learning, theories and research to real-world situations and develop the capabilities to actively contribute to a more just, inclusive and sustainable world.

PACE International embodies Macquarie University's new strategic direction and commitment to excellence in research, learning and teaching, and community engagement.

PACE International projects

Since September 2009, AVI has managed short-term projects for Macquarie University in Papua New Guinea, the Philippines, India, Malaysia, Cambodia, Jordan, Vietnam and Peru, as well as assisting with a project in Mexico.

Projects will be running throughout 2014 in India, Vietnam, Cambodia, the Philippines, Malaysia and Peru.

While the majority of projects will be conducted in international workplaces, Macquarie and AVI are also piloting innovative on-campus projects working remotely with international partners.

Please note that these projects are only available to shortlisted Macquarie University students and staff. Team Leader roles are open recruitment and available to anyone who can meet the selection criteria.

AVI has been crucial in applying a development approach to the projects and assisting with risk management, volunteer orientation and monitoring and evaluation. As part of the Partnership, AVI periodically recruits and supports Volunteer Team Leaders. These Volunteer Team Leaders oversee the health and wellbeing of the Macquarie participants and help ensure the successful delivery of the project objectives.

In 2014, Volunteer Team Leader roles will be advertised in January (for July projects), May (for September projects) and June (for December-February projects). Projects requiring Volunteer Team Leaders range from four to 12 weeks in duration.

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For information about Team Leader positions, please click on the Assignment links above when positions are advertised, and contact the AVI Project Coordinator listed in the Assignment Description should you require further information.

If there are no positions currently advertised, general enquiries may be directed to Katria Moore, AVI Project Coordinator on 03 9279 1843 or

For general information regarding the Macquarie University and AVI Partnership, please contact Treaisa Rowe, AVI Program Manager - Student Programs, on 03 9279 1745 or

For information about applicant short-listing at Macquarie University, please contact the PACEI team at the university on 02 9850 9927 or

There are currently no roles