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Cambodia Midwifery Education Project

Strengthening Cambodia's midwifery sector

Through the placement of Midwifery Preceptor Advisers and Midwifery Educators, we have been working with Cambodia's University of Health Science's Technical School for Medical Care (TSMC) since 2009 to reduce the country's maternal-infant mortality rates through improved safe motherhood and birthing programs and services.





Photo> Technical School of Medical Care (TSMC) student Champa Munny with a newborn. AVI Midwifery Preceptor Adviser Jill Moloney with students in the background.



Working in partnership

With funding from the Australian aid program, through the Australian Volunteers for International Development program, the project is supporting the TSMC's vision to implement a new three-year course for Cambodia's midwifery sector. This effort will improve the quality of midwifery education in Cambodia and strengthen maternal-infant care.

Midwife Dorinda Britto has been working on this project since October 2011. Read about her recent unexpected delivery here and her more usual routine here!

Read more about the project and AVI's commitment to maternal health in the Winter 2010 edition of AV Magazine.