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Since 1951, Australian Volunteers International has recruited, briefed  and mobilised thousands of professionals for some of the most  challenging assignments and environments across Asia, the Pacific, Africa and the Middle East. Now the business community can access this  knowledge and experience through AVI Worldwide.

From pre-departure  briefings to re-entry into Australia, AVI Worldwide programs are  essential to global success before, during and after an overseas  position. Our programs are deisgned to give professionals accurate and  informed insights into working with clients and partners overseas and improve cultural effectiveness and cultural awareness.

AVI_WorldwideOur inter-cultural training and country-specific briefings deliver insights that provide professionals with the right strategies to:

  • Understand and negotiate cultural differences
  • Improve cross-cultural communication  skills
  • Manage workplace diversity
  • Transition individuals and families to a new culture Improve business outcomes

AVI Worldwide programs AVI's extensive international presence means that all of our information is  up-to-date and can be tailored to suit group, individual or family needs.

Our country-specific briefings provide:

  • Detailed socio-political insights
  • Perspectives on life as an expat
  • Knowledge about local cultural practices and expectations

Our cross-cultural training programs provide:

  • Insight into common cultural stereotyping and  assumptions
  • Effective communication techniques
  • Understanding of cultural  and workplace differences
  • Strategies to improve workplace outcomes

With a client portfolio that includes Australian corporate and  government organisations in the banking and finance, security and risk,  and travel sectors, our apprioach is tailored, informative and engaging.  AVI Worldwide briefings and cultural awareness training services are  designed to foster a level of comfort and security, minimise risk and maximise the potential of professionals doing business overseas.

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