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AVI / ANZ Partnership

ANZ staff in Manila volunteering with respected community organisation Bahay Tuluyan

The ANZ-AVI Partnership supports ANZ’s Corporate Responsibility framework and its approach to investing in the communities it works with in the Asia-Pacific region.

ANZ will provided its staff with targeted community engagement opportunities through volunteering. These opportunities met the needs of development partners and provided ANZ staff with a 'wide-angle lens' of the world.

The ANZ-AVI Partnership also allowed AVI to offer our development partners another method of accessing skilled volunteering inputs that contribute to strengthening their organisation and deliver sustainable outcomes for their communities.

The ANZ-AVI Partnership is comprised of three components:

  1. International Skilled Volunteering – Super Regional Volunteers offers prestigious secondment opportunities for ANZ management level staff to be placed with a partner organisation to support organisational capacity building.
  2. Local Community Engagement – partnerships between ANZ in-country offices and local partner organisations to facilitate staff volunteering, resource support and skills exchange.
  3. International Volunteer Day – ANZ supports AVI’s International Volunteer Day celebrations.

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