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We're partnering with VOICE

We’re excited to announce that we have entered into a collaborative partnership with VOICE.


This partnership means we now have more great opportunities to volunteer around the globe, particularly for young Australians and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders.



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Curious about volunteering overseas? Bring a pad and pen to AVI's Information Sessions, touring nationally in October and November. Hear candid accounts from returned volunteers and gain insights to help you determine if and when this challenge is for you.


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Today on the Indigenous International Volunteer Network (IIVN) Uncle Kevin Coombs shares stories about his work as an elder on the Koorie Court, his memories of visiting a leprosy village in Western Australia, and how his overseas experiences have impacted his work in the community.

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From the earliest time, Aboriginal people have connected, exchanged ideas and learnt from one another. The community of Oodnadatta would like to do the same, by welcoming three volunteers to live, work and learn in the community.

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